Ocean Grown Gin / 700ml

Ocean Grown Gin / 700ml

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Our ocean thanks you.

Every sale of this special drop will literally help to regrow the ocean. We are so proud to partner with Ryan and his amazing team at the not-for-profit Reef Restoration Foundation. A few years ago, they planted the first ever coral nursery on the Great Barrier Reef at Fitzroy Island with their mission to contribute to the longevity of the planet’s most magnificent marine ecosystem. Legends.

Oh yes, the gin! Yeah, it's an ode to the Ocean itself.
A delicate saline character reminiscent of a gentle Mediterranean breeze, showcases notes of olive and savoury herbs. A bright and refreshing flavour profile unfolds on the palate with dry citrus tones and a warm hint of spice.

Ocean Grown Gin / 700ml / 42% Alc Vol

Serving suggestion: Pairs well with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic, over ice and garnished with rosemary and an orange slice. Also, tastes great in a Margatini.